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Do I have to replace the remote along with the opener?

It is usually recommended. When you replace the garage door opener, it's good to get a clicker that is equally modern and compatible with the new system unless of course you have replaced it just recently. In this case, you just have to choose an opener that is compatible with the remote.

Why noisy doors calm down with lubrication?

Lubricants are always helpful with noisy hardware. We do the exact same thing with regular hinged doors. Garage door hinges, bolts, brackets, rollers and all mechanical parts plus the chain of the opener will need lubrication maintenance. Lubricants will minimize the noise coming from the friction when steel comes in contact with steel.

How do I know if the garage door is balanced?

Several tests can be performed to determine if the garage door is balanced. When you test the door, you have to disengage the opener. One way to check for balance is to raise the door in increments. The door must stay in place. When you lower your door, it must move down in a controlled manner and not slam shut.

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